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SWFI® Standard Subscription

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By purchasing the SWFI® standard subscription you will receive:

    – SWFI® Website Access (continuously updated)
    – SWF Transaction Database (continuously updated)
    – SWFI® Compass (continuously updated)
    – Sovereign Wealth Quarterly Publication

The SWFI® Standard Subscription is given on a site license basis.

The quarterly is the premier publication on sovereign wealth funds, public pensions, central banks, and other long-term public investors. Access up-to-date key information on sovereign wealth funds and public investors. We are the only well known research institute dedicated to identifying, investigating and examining sovereign investors. At the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI), we provide in-depth research on public wealth by performing diligent analysis while utilizing our contacts and interpreting trends.

The Sovereign Wealth Fund Transaction Database (SWFTD) is a dedicated database that tracks sovereign wealth fund transactions from 1980s till present. With over 14,000 recorded transactions in real estate, listed equities, unlisted equities, fund commitments and other unique acquisitions, we aim to be the most comprehensive source regarding sovereign wealth fund transactions. The database also tracks public fund transactions.

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sovereign wealth membershipSWFI® Membership

The exclusive Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute Membership program is designed to provide participants in the public investor community with educational and networking opportunities and access to research and information.

Membership is limited and fees are assessed on an annual basis.

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Michael Maduell
President, Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute

“A Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute® Membership is an excellent way to partner with us and increase engagement through a recognized channel to the public investor community.”

SWFI – Smart Beta – Referential Guide for Institutional Investors

smart beta

Over the past decade, “smart beta,” a new suite of indexation strategies touting advantages over both active investment managers and traditional market-capitalization weighted indexes, has erupted onto the financial scene and increasingly won the favor of institutional investors.

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sovereign wealth consultingConsulting & Advisory Services

We provide consulting and advisory services to the following types of clients:

  • Investment Managers
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Businesses
  • Governments and NGOs

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Park Alpha is not a brokerage or third-party marketer. Park Alpha does not manage investments or assets for clients.

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