Sovereign Wealth Fund Transaction Database

sovereign wealth fund transactionsThe Online Sovereign Wealth Fund Transaction Database (SWFTD) is a dedicated database product that tracks sovereign wealth fund transactions from the 1980s till present.

With over 14,000 recorded transactions, the Sovereign Wealth Fund Transaction Database (SWFTD) is the industry standard for information on sovereign wealth fund transactions in real estate, listed equities, unlisted equities, infrastructure and other unique acquisitions. The SWFTD also tracks fund commitments such as private equity funds and real estate funds.The SWFTD is only available on an Enterprise License basis.
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We have the most comprehensive database dedicated to sovereign wealth fund transactions. Our research team scours and scrubs the data to put the most relevant information into one single database.

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  • A must for professionals in the deal making community
  • Stay informed on sovereign wealth fund deal size and trends
  • Identify attractive types of investments and sectors
  • Find out who the big buyers are
  • Compare reliable data from globally-consistent, local resources
  • Analyze and examine opportunities with a large universe of transaction data

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# of Transactions: OVER 14,000 RECORDED

Investor Types

  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Public Pensions
  • Other Public Funds


  • Financials
  • Infrastructure
  • Real Estate
  • Energy
  • Industrials
  • Materials
  • Telecommunications
  • Information Technology
  • Consumer Discretionary
  • Consumer Staples
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Other

Investments by Class

  • Fund Commitments
  • Listed Equity
  • Unlisted Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Infrastructure
  • Convertible
  • Fixed Income
  • Other
Data Notice & Software and Browser Requirements

Investments in equity funds or hedge funds are not included. We do cover private equity, infrastructure and real estate fund commitments. We cannot cover every single transaction, as a large portion of the material is non-public. In certain instances, investors will invest in partnerships, especially in other countries where there is little transparency. Software Requirements – Internet Explorer (7 and Above) or Google Chrome.