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The Ultimate Ranking for Public Fund Assets

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Rank Fund Country Type Dec 2014 – Billions USD Jun 2014 – Billions USD
1 Social Security Trust Funds United States National Pension 2,789.5 2,764.4
2 Government Pension Investment Fund Japan National Pension 1,100.0 1,292.0
3 Government Pension Fund – Global Norway Sovereign Wealth Fund 863.0 878.0
4 Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) United Arab Emirates Sovereign Wealth Fund 773.0 773.0
5 SAMA Foreign Holdings Saudi Arabia Sovereign Wealth Fund 757.2 737.6
6 China Investment Corporation (CIC) China Sovereign Wealth Fund 652.7 575.2
7 SAFE Investment Company China Sovereign Wealth Fund 567.9 567.9
8 Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) Kuwait Sovereign Wealth Fund 548.0 410.0
9 National Pension Service of Republic of Korea South Korea National Pension 455.0 430.0
10 Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP Netherlands Public Pension 440.0 423.0
11 Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board United States Public Pension 439.7 403.9
12 Hong Kong Monetary Authority Investment Portfolio China – Hong Kong Sovereign Wealth Fund 400.2 396.2
13 Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations France Public Pension 353.5 353.5
14 GIC Private Limited Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund 320.0 320.0
15 California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) United States Public Pension 292.9 295.0
  Total Public Investors (above US$ 10 billion in assets)       21,256.8

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**This number is a best guess estimation.
Source: Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute
***All figures quoted are from official sources, or, where the institutions concerned do not issue statistics of their assets, from other publicly available sources. Some of these figures are best estimates as market values change day to day. Total figures are rounded to the nearest tenth.

> Must have over US$ 10 billion in assets to make the list
> Covers all public and quasi-public funds
> Translated into USD on date found
> Some fund values may decrease due to USD currency exchange rate, even if fund had positive year. Currency rates are converted the date when the figure is released.
> In some cases, assets under management are reported only on an annual basis.

Updated March 2015

Date Public Investors Billions USD
June 2014 21,256.8