Alberta Heritage Fund

Canada – Alberta US$ 17.5 Billion Origin: Oil

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Established: 1976
Transparency Rating: 9
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Firm Investment Style: Mixed
Entity Structure: Fund
Pop Est.: 3.759 million – 2013 Alberta
Wealth Per Capita Est.: $4,655

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Alberta Investment Management Corporation
1100 – 10830 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2B3
Tel: 1-780-392-3600

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It is governed by Alberta’s Treasury Board and Finance by the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Standing Committee.

Assets for the Alberta Heritage Fund are currently managed by the Alberta Investment Management Co. (AIMCo). AIMCo was formerly part of the Ministry of Finance, Alberta before transforming into a provincial crown corporation in 2008 that is now providing investment management to a variety of public sector funds and endowments.

Alberta Heritage Fund
The Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund was created in 1976 by the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund Act. Initially, the fund received 30% of Alberta’s non-renewable resource royalties which comes from its vast oil wealth.

This fund was created with several goals in mind.

Investment for Future Generations

Strengthen and diversify the economy

Improve quality of life

A Rainy Day Fund

During the early 1980s, the fund made loans to other provincial governments in Canada. Later the fund’s money was used for capital infrastructure projects. After 1987 resource royalty revenue was no longer added to the fund.

The fund was originally designed for economic development, but now primarily it is a long-term savings and investment fund.

Note: For the Alberta Heritage Fund, most of the content and data will be used from Alberta Investment Management Co. (AIMCo), as this is the government fund manager for the fund.