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Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Hires PR Firm

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority has hired the famous PR Firm – Burson Marsteller. The PR and public affairs group, part of the WPP Group, is helping ADIA form a strategy to identify and then deal with the fund’s “stakeholders” – banks or the US Congress. James Lake, chairman of Burson-Marsteller’s US public affairs practice and […]

Swiss are Pushing for Greater Transparency

The Swiss government statement states that, “Internationally, the relevant federal authorities must cooperate actively in creating transparency standards and working practices for sovereign funds.”

Citigroup Chairman Mentions Chinese and Russian SWFs as Potential Worry

Sir Winfried Bischoff, the chairman of Citigroup Inc., mentioned that state-owned funds from China and Russia are key concerns for Western nations over the debate on regulating sovereign wealth funds. This is at a time, where sovereign wealth funds are playing a larger role in capital markets and cross-border transactions. During the Brussels conference, European […]

Lobbyists Help Sovereign Wealth Fund deals

The Wall Street Journal writes that, “Lawmakers and the White House are welcoming the cash, and there is hardly a peep from the public. This is no accident. The warm reception reflects millions of dollars in shrewd lobbying by both overseas governments and their Wall Street targets – aided by Washington veterans from both parties, […]

No Thanks: GIC Shuns UBS Board Seat

The Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) has chosen not to take a board seat at UBS AG. The Singapore sovereign wealth fund wanted to assure the European public that Singapore is not taking over the Swiss financial institution. Sovereign wealth funds are still cautious on exercising their board rights as prominent shareholders due to […]

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2008

“Myths and Realities of Sovereign Wealth Funds” Panelists Richard Fuld, CEO of Lehman Brothers Kristin Halvorsen, Minister of Finance – Government Fund of Norway Muhammad Al-Jasser, Vice Governor Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Robert Kimmit, Deputy US Treasury Secretary Aleksey Kudrin, Deputy Prime Minister & Finance Minister of Russia Bader Al -Sa’ad, Managing Director of the […]

China’s Growing Appetite for US Stocks

As China’s foreign reserves continue to grow at astonishing rates, the nation’s investment in US equities has greatly augmented. The government of China is increasingly concerned about the low yield of US Treasuries. While China’s reserves grow, the United States maintains a large ongoing current account deficit. To finance the current account deficit, the United […]

There are 25 funds in the world and most are not transparent

IR magazine writes that, “The sudden interest [in sovereign wealth] has taken some by surprise. Simon Tse, an analyst in Thomson Financial’s corporate advisory services group, notes that Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz al Saud has been Citigroup’s largest investor for 15 years: ‘No one batted an eye.’ There are reasons for concern. […]

Kuwait Investment Authority Backs Merrill Lynch

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