Direct Public Asset Money Flows

The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute tracks direct public asset owner investment flows through a variety of filters. Public asset owners are comprised of sovereign wealth funds, public pensions and other public funds. The data for the flows report is obtained from the Sovereign Wealth Fund Transaction Database.

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Useful Indicators

Money flows provide an indication of the cash moving into and out of different markets and sectors, we can be used as indicators for a variety of end purposes. These tend to be “higher-conviction” indicators as the money comes direct from the public asset owner rather than through an external fund manager mandate.

Some Benefits

  • A valuable tool for corporations, investment strategists, global policymakers and researchers
  • A group of useful inputs for quantitative-driven, global macro models
  • Business planning tool – track competitor’s regional, country and sector allocations
  • Identify money flow trends by sector, region and country

Direct Public Asset Money Flows (DPAMF)

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