Oil Stabilisation Fund

Country: Iran

Established: 1999

US$ Billion: 23

Origin: Oil

Transparency Rating: 1

This fund was created to invest Iran's oil revenues and act as a stabilizer against fluctuating oil revenues.

The investment arm is the IFIC, The Iran Foreign Investment Company. It was incorporated in March 1998 as a Private Joint Stock company with a mission to manage and expand Iranian holdings abroad.

A holding company, IFIC provides financing and financial services and makes investments around the world. IFIC has interests in energy, telecom and IT, banking, insurance, stock markets, industry, mining, oil, gas and petrochemicals, as well as new and future technologies.

Currently IFIC has ventures in different countries including Germany, Brazil, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Yemen, Namibia, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Armenia.

Update: It has been reported by the IRNA that Iran is creating a new fund called the National Development Fund (NDF), that will invest in Iran. It will replace the existing Oil Stabilisation Fund (OSF).

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Iran - Oil Stabilization Fund

Major Direct Foreign Investments (Public)

Company Country Industry % Ownership Comments
Taageer Finance Company Oman Financials 12% Went Public in 2005

Major Direct Foreign Investments (Private)

Company Country Type % Ownership Comments
Misr Iran Development Bank Egypt Private Stock 40.14%
Yemen Company for Mobile Telephony Yemen Private Stock 10% Known as Sabafon
Injazat Technology Fund UAE Venture Capital 10%

1. All figures quoted are from official sources, or, where the institutions concerned do not issue statistics of their holdings, from other publicly available sources.

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