National Fund for Hydrocarbon Reserves

Country: Mauritania

Coverage: Jean-Michel Neault

Established: 2006

US$ Billion: >0.3

Origin: Oil, gas

Transparency Rating: 1

Established on June 14th, 2006, the fund plays the role of a macroeconomic stabilization fund for the country. In addition, it has a long-term goal of accumulating savings for future generations. The Mauritanian Central Bank Ministry of Finance assures the management of the fund.

Revenue sources of the fund:

  • Revenues from State shared production with oil companies ‘’profit oil’’
  • Royalties and taxes from the oil companies
  • Dividends from the SMH (Mauritanian Hydrocarbon Society)
  • Bonuses, levies, penalties
  • Investment fund revenues

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Banque Centrale de Mauritanie

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