Pula Fund

Country: Botswana

Established: 1996

US$ Billion: 6.9

Origin: Diamonds

Entity Structure: Fund

Transparency Rating: 3

Botswana is a country rich in Diamonds & Minerals with one of the fastest income per capita growth rates in the World. The diamond mining revenues fund this sub-fund that lies within Botswana's foreign exchange reserves. The Pula Fund was established under the Bank of Botswana Act and it is part of the foreign exchange reserves.

Strategies and Objectives:
It is exclusively invested in foreign currency denominated assets. The fund invests in public equity and fixed income instruments in industrialized and developed economies. The investment objectives are based on sustaining purchasing power of the reserves and maximizing returns within an acceptable level of risk.

News and Updates


Botswana Ministry of Finance
Bank of Botswana

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