Executive Yuan, Development Fund

Country: Taiwan

Established: 1973

US$ Billion: 6

Origin: Non-commodity

Transparency Rating: under review

The Executive Yuan, Development Fund primarily invests in the Local Taiwan Stock Market. In late October, 2008, the Taiwanese cabinet expressed interest to increase the assets under management of the Development Fund by approximately five times. Also in 2008, the Development Fund launched a campaign called the Challenge 2008. The objective of the campaign is "To meet the challenges of global competition, the Executive Yuan has formulated a comprehensive development plan on a national scope".

Investments of the fund include semiconductors, optoelectronics, communications, financial services, precision machinery, transportation infrastructure, and biotechnology.

News and Updates

Cabinet to expand National Development Fund to stabilize economy
The Cabinet decided Thursday to expand the size of the National Development Fund from NT$200 billion (US$6.01 billion) to NT$1 trillion to increase government investment in local businesses, in a bid to stabilize the country's economic situation. Chen Tain-jy, chairman of the Council for Economic Planning and Development, said after a Cabinet meeting that the decision was made in light of the serious impact of the global financial crisis on Taiwan's economy.
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Development Fund, Executive Yuan
Taiwan Ministry of Finance

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