Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund

Country: United States

Established: 1974

US$ Billion: 3.6

Origin: Minerals

Transparency Rating: 9

In accordance with an amendment to the Wyoming Constitution approved by the voters in 1974, one and a half percent of the severance tax on each mineral is deposited in the Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund (PWMTF).

Strategy & Objectives:
They currently have a well diversified portfolio spanning many different asset classes which includes: Domestic Equities, Global Equities, Real Estate, and Private Equity. The fund also utilizes external managers to manage investments. March 2008 Report

News and Updates

Fund helps give Wyoming state a better outlook
According to the Star Tribune, "Meyer said the increase in the Standard and Poor's bond rating, coupled with a top rating from the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute for the transparency of the state's finances, will lead to increased investor interest in Wyoming, including foreign investors."
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Officials report: Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund not affected by sale of Bear Stearns
Wyoming investment officials say they're keeping a close eye on volatile financial markets but public investment funds would not be affected by the sudden sale of Bear Stearns. Bear Stearns avoided bankruptcy this weekend in an agreement that sold the bank to JPMorgan Chase & Co. The Wyoming State Treasurer's Office says the state's permanent funds won't be affected. The portfolio includes the Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund, the Hathaway Scholarship Endowment Fund and the State Agency Pool, among others.
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Wyoming State Treasurer's Office

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