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Top Ten Sovereign Wealth Fund Game-Changers

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August 2012 – I Will Pay to Park My Cash Download

August 2011 – An Assessment of the Internal Politics of Sovereign Funds Download

December 2010 – Sovereign Wealth Funds Make the Case for Brazil Download

May 2010 – Non-Commodity Sovereign Funds Continue to Invest in Resource & Mining Firms Download

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Notional Value of Exchange Traded Derivatives

State-Owned Enterprise Research

Government of China – List of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE)

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Central Bank Speeches and Concepts

Inertia Principle in Central Banking

Sample Central Bank Balance Sheet

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NBIM – Perspectives on managing the Government Pension Fund Global

Bank of Finland – Sovereign wealth funds arouse political passions

IMF – SWF Feb 2008 Report

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Major Foreign Holders of Treasury Securities

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Subprime Report: SWFs to the Rescue

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