Denmark’s ATP Returns 10% for 2012

The press release states, “Denmarks largest pensionsfund ATP delivered satisfactory results in 2012. The return was DKK 58bn and the profit for the year DKK 10bn. This profit level means that ATP’s reserves now amount to DKK 84bn and the assets under management to DKK 624bn.

“As a pension fund, it’s crucial that we deliver stable returns year after year. I am pleased that in the middle of one of the worst economic slumps we are once more in a position to deliver a good result for 2012. With a return of DKK 58bn, ATP’s robust investment strategy has once more shown its worth,” says Acting CEO Henrik Gade Jepsen.

The majority of ATP’s return of DKK 45bn was achieved by hedging activities. The remaining part – DKK 13bn – comes from investment activities and in particular from listed domestic equities, private equities and credit investments. Overall, ATP’s return on investment was 10 per cent according to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s method of accounting.

ATP’s net profit in 2012 was DKK 10bn. The profit has boosted ATP’s reserves, which at the end of 2012 amounted to DKK 84bn. ATP’s assets under management total DKK 624bn.

“With the return for 2012 we have once more delivered satisfactory results that ensure ATP can meet the guaranteed lifelong pensions. Furthermore, ATP still has the financial leeway to deliver stable returns in the years to come – for the benefit of the ATP members,” says Henrik Gade Jepsen.

In 2012, ATP paid out DKK 12bn in pension benefits and DKK 9bn in tax on pension-savings returns to the Danish government in 2012.”

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