Sovereign Wealth Funds Make Up More Than 25% of U.S. Retirement Assets


The Investment Company Institute published retirement data stating that December 31, 2013 retirement U.S. assets amounted to US$ 23 trillion. These assets increased 5% from 3 months ago. Employer-based defined contribution assets in the U.S. totaled US$ 5.9 trillion, in which US$ 4.2 trillion were in 401(k) plans.

As of March 2014, sovereign wealth funds total US$ 6.357 trillion in assets surpassing 401(k) assets, U.S. government pensions and U.S. private defined-benefit plans.

Increasingly, asset managers and private equity funds are courting sovereign wealth funds, mainly due to the massive growth of the investor class in the past decade.

Investor Class Comparisons

Investor Class Trillions USD
Total U.S. Retirement Assets 23
IRAs 6.5
Sovereign Wealth Funds 6.4
U.S. Government Pensions 5.6
U.S. Private Defined-Benefit Plans 3

Source: Investment Company Institute (Dec 2013 Data), Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute

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