Temasek Releases 2010 Financial Report

According to the press release, “Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited (Temasek) today released its annual performance report and institutional review, Temasek Report 2010 – Making a Difference, for financial year ended 31 March 2010. Temasek Report 2010 sets out highlights of the firm’s portfolio returns and investments, its consolidated group financial summary and institutional framework as well as its engagement with stakeholders, including the wider community.

Delivering Long Term Returns

The market value of Temasek’s portfolio as at 31 March 2010 rebounded to a new financial year-end high of S$186 billion. This is an increase of S$56 billion from a year earlier, with a Total Shareholder Return of over 42% for the year.

The book value of the Temasek portfolio increased to S$150 billion, up from S$50 billion 10 years ago, underpinned by the secular growth of its portfolio companies and Temasek’s own investment activities.

Total Shareholder Return (TSR), measuring returns on an annually compounded basis since inception, was 17% by market value, and 16% by shareholder funds. Both 20-year and 30-year TSRs held steady at a creditable 16% by market value and 14% by shareholder funds.

Medium-term five-year TSR was relatively robust at 11% by market value and 14% by shareholder funds, while 10-year TSR compounded annually from the peak of the dotcom bubble, was 6% by market value and 12% by shareholder funds.

Also known as Wealth Added or Economic Profit, total portfolio returns to the shareholder, net of a risk-adjusted hurdle, was S$42 billion for the year, while group net profit was S$5 billion, with lower profit contributions from some of the portfolio companies which were impacted by the global financial crisis.

Temasek closed the financial year on 31 March 2010 with a comfortable net cash position.

Mr S Dhanabalan, Chairman of Temasek Holdings said, “Since inception, Temasek has been committed to create and deliver sustainable value as an active investor and shareholder of successful enterprises.”

“Our portfolio has delivered consistently through market cycles. Long-term TSR by market value held steady at 17% since inception, while both 20- and 30-year TSRs were 16%.””

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