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SWFI® Compass tracks requests-for-proposal (RFPs), mandates and potential opportunities. SWFI® Compass focuses on sovereign wealth funds, pensions, endowments and large public funds. For access: support@swfinstitute.org


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Since 2014, Over $960 Billion in RFPs and Opportunities

Date: June 2017


Win Business and Navigate Opportunities, Using SWFI® Compass

SWFI® Compass is a business intelligence tool within the SWFI® subscription. It saves clients weeks of high-cost research and enables users to track where new business may spring up. We aim to cover sovereign wealth funds, public pensions, afores, superannuation funds, large public funds, central banks and other asset owners.

The service aims to provide subscribers with an effective way to generate business opportunities and research mandate activity globally.

Please submit RFPs, RFIs, DDQs, Tenders, Searches, Opportunities to research@swfinstitute.org



Manager Watch is a feature within SWFI Compass. The Manager Watch feature seeks to discover events that can impact whether or not an asset manager could be put on a watchlist besides performance reasons.

Manager Watch tracks key personnel changes at asset management firms. For asset owners this is important to identify which key people (actual money managers) are leaving a fund or mandate. For asset managers, this may be an opportunity to seize upon a mandate or generate future business. In addition, manager watch identifies and reports on if an asset manager gets convicted of a significant violation or crime by a regulator. We also aim to track if an asset manager is being investigated.