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July 2015 – SWFI Financial Advisory League Tables for H1 Y2015


This brief report is available for download for SWFI subscribers.



May 2015 – A Tale of Two Europes


This brief report is available for download for SWFI subscribers.



February 2015 – Sovereign Wealth Fund Direct Infrastructure Investments, 2003-2014


This brief report is available for download for SWFI subscribers.



January 2015 – SWFI Financial Advisory League Tables for H2 Y2014


This brief report is available for download for SWFI subscribers.



December 2014 – Direct Healthcare Investments by Sovereign Wealth Funds


This brief report is available for download for SWFI subscribers. This report covers direct healthcare investments made by sovereign wealth funds.



April 2014 – The Sun Never Sets on Sovereign Wealth II


This brief 3-page report is available for download for SWFI subscribers. This report gives a concise overview on the proliferation of sovereign wealth funds.

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Top Ten Sovereign Wealth Fund Game-Changers

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August 2012 – I Will Pay to Park My Cash Download

August 2011 – An Assessment of the Internal Politics of Sovereign Funds Download

December 2010 – Sovereign Wealth Funds Make the Case for Brazil Download

May 2010 – Non-Commodity Sovereign Funds Continue to Invest in Resource & Mining Firms Download

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NBIM – Perspectives on managing the Government Pension Fund Global

Bank of Finland – Sovereign wealth funds arouse political passions

IMF – SWF Feb 2008 Report

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Select Interviews (Sovereign Wealth Quarterly)

Roger McIntosh JULY 2014
Roger McIntosh, Head of Investments at LUCRF Super

Charlie Welsh APRIL 2014
Charlie Welsh, Co-Founder of Mergermarket

Irakli Kovzanadze JAN 2014
Irakli Kovzanadze, CEO of Georgia’s JSC Partnership Fund

Damon Krytzer OCT 2013
Damon Krytzer, Trustee, SJ Police and Fire Retirement Plan

Doug Pearce OCT 2013
Doug Pearce, CEO/CIO of bcIMC

uche_orji_low_res OCT 2013
Uche Orji, CEO of the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority

neil_irwin_sq JULY 2013
Neil Irwin, Author of The Alchemists

Niels-Veldhuis APRIL 2013
Niels Veldhuis, President, Fraser Institute

sean_glodek_square JAN 2013
Sean Glodek, Director, Russia-Direct Investment Fund

mohammad_reza_farzin_sq JAN 2013
Dr. Mohammad Reza Farzin, Chairman of the Managing Board of National Development Fund of Iran

bruce_cundick_sq JULY 2012
Bruce Cundick, CIO of Utah Retirement Systems

jimoneill_sq APRIL 2012
Jim O’Neill, Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management

JoncarloMark-sq APRIL 2012
Joncarlo Mark, Founder of Upwelling Capital Group

Oct 2011 – Q&A with Max Giolitti, Formerly at the Alaska Permanent Fund

Jul 2011 – Q&A with Israfil Mammadov, CIO to the SOFAZ

Mar 2011 – Q&A with Jerome Tagger, COO to the UNPRI

Jan 2011 – End of Year Interview with NZSF CEO Adrian Orr

Select Event Speeches

yv_mersch SWF FORUM 2011
Yves Mersch: Current Challenges in the Sovereign Debt Crisis

Select Video Interviews
BNN Interview

Select Video Interviews (Internal)

Video Interview – CA State Treasurer Bill Lockyer

Event Background Papers

Re-Engineering the AIMCo Public Equities and Hedge Fund Programs