Abu Dhabi Investment Council

United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi US$ 110 Billion Origin: Oil

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SWFI ID: 600002
Established: 2007
Transparency Rating: N/A
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Entity Structure: Council
Pop Est.: 921,000 – 2013 – Abu Dhabi
Wealth Per Capita Est.: US$ 97,720

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Main Office

Abu Dhabi Investment Council
Al Bahar Towers
PO Box 61999
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Tel: 971 2-611 55 55
Fax: 971 2-611 55 00


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The Abu Dhabi Investment Council (ADIC) was splintered off from the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA). It is much smaller in size than ADIA and is known as “ADIA II” among some circles.

Background on the Abu Dhabi Investment Council

The ADIC is the investment arm of the government of Abu Dhabi and has no private shareholders. The Council started its operations in April 2007 and is responsible for investing part of the government’s surplus financial resources through a globally diversified investment strategy, targeting positive capital returns through an expansive portfolio of highly diversified asset classes and active investment management strategies.

The Council is also empowered with an important direct investment mandate to broaden Abu Dhabi’s economic base and facilitate the international development of local companies. ADIC has significant holdings in a number of United Arab Emirates financial institutions.

United Arab Emirates – Total Reserves including Gold

Source: UAE Government – Billions USD, Annual Series