Ghana Petroleum Funds

Ghana US$ 450 Million – Combined Origin: Oil

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Established: 2011
Transparency Rating: N/A
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Firm Investment Style: Index
Entity Structure: Funds
Population Est.: 25.2 million – 2013
Wealth Per Capita Est.: $17.86

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Strategies and Objectives

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Main Office
Ministry of Finance – Ghana
28th February Road
PO Box M40
Tel: +233 302 665 132

The Minster of Finance (Ghana) will be responsible for managing the petroleum funds.  They will set investment policy.  The Bank of Ghana will play an operational role.

The management of petroleum revenue and savings shall always be carried out with the highest internationally accepted standards of transparency and good governance.

The Petroleum Holding Fund (PHF) and the Ghana Petroleum Funds (GPFs) were established by the Petroleum Revenue Management Act (2011) (Act 815) (PRMA).

Ghana Heritage Fund
The fund has been created as a fund for future generations for Ghanaians.

Ghana Stabilisation Fund
The main objective for this sovereign wealth fund is to cushion the impact or sustain public expenditure capacity in periods of revenue shortfalls (decrease in oil prices).

Background on Ghana Petroleum Funds
On March 2, 2011, the Ghanaian Parliament approved legislation regarding petroleum management. The Ghana Petroleum Funds were created by the Petroleum Revenue Management Act of 2010. The funds will be funded by the Petroleum Account. In 2014, the government of Ghana passed legislation, Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund Act, 2014, to create a third fund called the Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund.