New Mexico State Investment Council

United States – New Mexico US$ 18.4 Billion
Established: 1958
Transparency Rating: 9
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Origin: Oil & Gas*
Firm Investment Style: Mixed
Entity Structure: Fund

The purpose of New Mexico’s three permanent endowment trust funds is to contribute recurring revenues for the operating budget of the state and to provide resources to various fund beneficiaries. The fund’s investment goals are to preserve the permanent endowment funds for future generations and to provide future benefits by growing the funds at a rate at least equal to inflation.

*The primary permanent endowment funds for New Mexico (Land Grant and Severance Tax Permanent Funds) have oil and gas revenue as their initial and ongoing funding sources.

The trust is broken down into three funds:

    Land Grant Permanent Fund

    The Land Grant Permanent Fund (LGPF) is New Mexico’s largest endowment and permanent fund. It was established through, and continues to be maintained in part by leasing fees the State charges for 13.4 million acres of mineral resources and 8.8 million acres of surface land. The State Investment Council manages day to day operations of the Land Grant Permanent Fund, including investments and distributions.

    Severance Tax Permanent Fund

    The Severance Tax Permanent Fund (STPF) was established by the legislature as an endowment fund in 1973, to receive severance taxes collected on natural resources extracted from New Mexico lands. The State?s severance taxes have historically been used to retire debt from bond issues that have funded various capital projects.

    Currently, severance tax revenues first pay the required debt service on severance tax bonds issued by the state, and the remaining (approximately 12.5%) severance tax receipts are then transferred to the Severance Tax Permanent Fund. The STPF is now a broadly diversified permanent fund, and except for its Economically Targeted Investment, the STPF investment statutes and asset allocations are essentially the same as those in the LGPF.

    Tobacco Settlement Permanent Fund

    The Tobacco Settlement Permanent Fund (TSPF) was established by New Mexico statute during Fiscal Year 2000 as the result of a legal settlement between most states and tobacco companies. The settlement provides ongoing annual payments, which currently go to the State?s general fund for government operations. However, after fiscal year 2006, 50% of the settlement payments will be deposited into the TSPF. When the fund reaches sufficient size, it will retain all annual payments, and distributions will be based on the 4.7% formula used by the Severance Tax Permanent Fund.

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The State Investment Council is chaired by the Governor, and includes the State Treasurer; the Commissioner of Public Lands; the Secretary for the NM Department of Finance and Administration; the Chief Financial Officer for a state University; four public members appointed by the Legislative Council; and two public members appointed by the Governor.