Palestine Investment Fund

Palestine US$ 0.8 Billion Origin: Non-Commodity

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Established: 2003
Transparency Rating: n/a
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Firm Investment Style: Portfolio
Entity Structure: Public Limited Company

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Main Office
P.O Box 413
Ramallah, Palestine
Tel: +970 or +972 2 297 4971

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Strategy & Objectives
The fund makes diversified investments and forms local, regional, and international partnerships. The fund mainly invests in the MENA region. The PIF also has an allocation to the capital markets, especially in the Palestine Exchange (PEX).

It is governed by an independent 30-member General Assembly and a seven-member Board of Directors.

Palestine Investment Fund

The Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) is a strategic development sovereign wealth fund.

In 2003, the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) was created to help with the economic development of Palestine. It was created by a transfer of assets previously managed by the Palestinian Authority.

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