Top 17 Investor Managers by Managed AUM

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Rankings by Total Managed AUM

RankProfileManaged AUMTypeRegion
1.Shenzhen Capital Group$39,334,800,000InvestorAsia
2.KIPCO Group of Kuwait$14,600,000,000InvestorMiddle East
3.Performance Equity Management$12,930,733,120InvestorNorth America
4.Norwest Venture Partners$12,500,000,000InvestorNorth America
5.The Energy & Minerals Group$12,238,548,353InvestorNorth America
6.BlueSpruce Investments$6,733,848,000InvestorNorth America
7.Gauge Capital$2,367,859,292InvestorNorth America
8.Sierra Ventures$2,000,000,000InvestorNorth America
9.Venrock$1,927,430,000InvestorNorth America
10.Morningside Group$1,839,730,000InvestorAsia
11.WestRiver GroupInvestorNorth America
12.CORE Industrial PartnersInvestorNorth America
13.Blakeney ManagementInvestorEurope
14.Blue Road CapitalInvestorNorth America
15.500 StartupsInvestorNorth America
16.Right Side Capital ManagementInvestorNorth America
17.Capital FactoryInvestorNorth America

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