Top 100 Largest Endowment Rankings by Total Assets

Rankings by Total Assets

RankProfileTotal AssetsTypeRegion
1.Ensign Peak Advisors, Inc.$124,000,000,000EndowmentNorth America
2.Harvard Management Company$59,327,153,000EndowmentNorth America
3.Stanford Management Company$54,746,302,000EndowmentNorth America
4.Yale Investment Office$41,872,984,000EndowmentNorth America
5.Princeton University Investment Company$31,582,051,000EndowmentNorth America
6.Massachusetts Institute of Technology Investment Management Company$27,750,820,000EndowmentNorth America
7.KAUST Investment Management Company$23,500,000,000EndowmentMiddle East
8.DUMAC$20,840,677,000EndowmentNorth America
9.University of Notre Dame$16,574,756,000EndowmentNorth America
10.Ohio State University$15,702,066,000EndowmentNorth America
11.University of ChicagoEndowmentNorth America
12.Northwestern UniversityEndowmentNorth America
13.Pennsylvania State University, Office of Investment ManagementEndowmentNorth America
14.Emory Investment ManagementEndowmentNorth America
15.Church Pension FundEndowmentNorth America
16.Washington University Investment Management CompanyEndowmentNorth America
17.University of Southern CaliforniaEndowmentNorth America
18.University of Michigan Office of InvestmentsEndowmentNorth America
19.Church Commissioners for EnglandEndowmentEurope
20.Columbia Investment Management Company, L.L.C.EndowmentNorth America
21.UNC Management CompanyEndowmentNorth America
22.Kamehameha SchoolsEndowmentNorth America
23.Trinity Wall Street Episcopal ChurchEndowmentNorth America
24.Hong Kong Jockey ClubEndowmentAsia
25.Rice UniversityEndowmentNorth America
26.University of Toronto Asset Management CorporationEndowmentNorth America
27.Vanderbilt UniversityEndowmentNorth America
28.University of Virginia Investment Management CompanyEndowmentNorth America
29.University of PittsburghEndowmentNorth America
30.University of Minnesota EndowmentEndowmentNorth America
31.University of RochesterEndowmentNorth America
32.Purdue UniversityEndowmentNorth America
33.Hong Kong Housing SocietyEndowmentAsia
34.Brown University Investment OfficeEndowmentNorth America
35.Caltech Investment OfficeEndowmentNorth America
36.The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable TrustEndowmentNorth America
37.SAUL Trustee CompanyEndowmentEurope
38.Boston CollegeEndowmentNorth America
39.George Washington UniversityEndowmentNorth America
40.Johns Hopkins UniversityEndowmentNorth America
41.Oxford University EndowmentEndowmentEurope
42.University of Alabama SystemEndowmentNorth America
43.University of Cambridge EndowmentEndowmentEurope
44.Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York CityEndowmentNorth America
45.Carnegie Mellon UniversityEndowmentNorth America
46.University of DelawareEndowmentNorth America
47.Rockefeller UniversityEndowmentNorth America
48.Williams College Investment OfficeEndowmentNorth America
49.Tufts UniversityEndowmentNorth America
50.Carnegie Corporation of New YorkEndowmentNorth America
51.University of CincinnatiEndowmentNorth America
52.UBC Investment Management TrustEndowmentNorth America
53.Amherst CollegeEndowmentNorth America
54.University of RichmondEndowmentNorth America
55.Indiana University & FoundationsEndowmentNorth America
56.Pomona CollegeEndowmentNorth America
57.Texas Christian UniversityEndowmentNorth America
58.Liberty UniversityEndowmentNorth America
59.Wellesley CollegeEndowmentNorth America
60.Baylor UniversityEndowmentNorth America
61.King Saud UniversityEndowmentMiddle East
62.Tulane UniversityEndowmentNorth America
63.Smith CollegeEndowmentNorth America
64.Swarthmore CollegeEndowmentNorth America
65.University of Illinois FoundationEndowmentNorth America
66.Chinese University of Hong KongEndowmentAsia
67.Lehigh UniversityEndowmentNorth America
68.Grinnell CollegeEndowmentNorth America
69.University of AucklandEndowmentAustralia and Pacific
70.York UniversityEndowmentNorth America
71.Bowdoin CollegeEndowmentNorth America
72.Georgia Institute of Technology & Related FoundationsEndowmentNorth America
73.Drexel UniversityEndowmentNorth America
74.University of Colorado FoundationEndowmentNorth America
75.Pepperdine UniversityEndowmentNorth America
76.Fordham UniversityEndowmentNorth America
77.Case Western Reserve UniversityEndowmentNorth America
78.Virginia Commonwealth UniversityEndowmentNorth America
79.UC Berkeley FoundationEndowmentNorth America
80.University of OklahomaEndowmentNorth America
81.University of Florida FoundationEndowmentNorth America
82.University of NebraskaEndowmentNorth America
83.Brigham Young UniversityEndowmentNorth America
84.Georgetown UniversityEndowmentNorth America
85.Carleton UniversityEndowmentNorth America
86.Lembaga Pengelola Dana PendidikanEndowmentAsia
87.Southern Methodist UniversityEndowmentNorth America
88.University of DaytonEndowmentNorth America
89.Vassar CollegeEndowmentNorth America
90.University of Missouri EndowmentEndowmentNorth America
91.Colgate UniversityEndowmentNorth America
92.University of Iowa FoundationEndowmentNorth America
93.Wesleyan UniversityEndowmentNorth America
94.Colby CollegeEndowmentNorth America
95.St. John's UniversityEndowmentNorth America
96.Loyola Marymount UniversityEndowmentNorth America
97.Carleton College EndowmentEndowmentNorth America
98.University of KentuckyEndowmentNorth America
99.Trinity College DublinEndowmentEurope
100.Syracuse UniversityEndowmentNorth America

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