Top 86 Largest Sovereign Wealth Fund Rankings by Total Assets

Rankings by Total Assets

RankProfileTotal AssetsTypeRegion
1.Norway Government Pension Fund Global$1,098,820,000,000Sovereign Wealth FundEurope
2.China Investment Corporation$940,604,000,000Sovereign Wealth FundAsia
3.Abu Dhabi Investment Authority$696,660,000,000Sovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
4.Kuwait Investment Authority$592,000,000,000Sovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
5.Hong Kong Monetary Authority Investment Portfolio$509,353,000,000Sovereign Wealth FundAsia
6.GIC Private Limited$440,000,000,000Sovereign Wealth FundAsia
7.National Council for Social Security Fund$437,900,000,000Sovereign Wealth FundAsia
8.SWFI Not CertifiedSAFE Investment Company$417,844,700,460Sovereign Wealth FundAsia
9.SWFI CertifiedTemasek Holdings$375,383,000,000Sovereign Wealth FundAsia
10.Qatar Investment Authority$328,000,000,000Sovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
11.Public Investment FundSovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
12.Investment Corporation of DubaiSovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
13.Mubadala Investment CompanySovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
14.Korea Investment CorporationSovereign Wealth FundAsia
15.National Welfare FundSovereign Wealth FundEurope
16.SWFI CertifiedFuture FundSovereign Wealth FundAustralia and Pacific
17.National Development Fund of IranSovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
18.Alberta Investment Management CorporationSovereign Wealth FundNorth America
19.Samruk-KazynaSovereign Wealth FundAsia
20.Alaska Permanent Fund CorporationSovereign Wealth FundNorth America
21.SWFI Not CertifiedBrunei Investment AgencySovereign Wealth FundAsia
22.Libyan Investment AuthoritySovereign Wealth FundAfrica
23.Kazakhstan National FundSovereign Wealth FundAsia
24.Texas Permanent School FundSovereign Wealth FundNorth America
25.Emirates Investment AuthoritySovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
26.University of Texas Investment Management CompanySovereign Wealth FundNorth America
27.SWFI CertifiedState Oil Fund of AzerbaijanSovereign Wealth FundAsia
28.SWFI Not CertifiedTurkey Wealth FundSovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
29.SWFI Not CertifiedKhazanah NasionalSovereign Wealth FundAsia
30.New Zealand Superannuation FundSovereign Wealth FundAustralia and Pacific
31.Hong Kong Future FundSovereign Wealth FundAsia
32.Nuclear Waste Disposal FundSovereign Wealth FundEurope
33.Ireland Strategic Investment FundSovereign Wealth FundEurope
34.New Mexico State Investment CouncilSovereign Wealth FundNorth America
35.Oman State General Reserve FundSovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
36.Fund for Reconstruction and Development of UzbekistanSovereign Wealth FundAsia
37.Timor-Leste Petroleum FundSovereign Wealth FundAustralia and Pacific
38.SWFI CertifiedMumtalakat HoldingSovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
39.Mexico Budgetary Income Stabilization FundSovereign Wealth FundLatin America
40.Social and Economic Stabilization FundSovereign Wealth FundLatin America
41.Russian Direct Investment FundSovereign Wealth FundEurope
42.Egypt FundSovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
43.Chile Pension Reserve FundSovereign Wealth FundLatin America
44.Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust FundSovereign Wealth FundNorth America
45.CDP EquitySovereign Wealth FundEurope
46.Heritage and Stabilization FundSovereign Wealth FundNorth America
47.North Dakota Legacy FundSovereign Wealth FundNorth America
48.Peru Fiscal Stabilization FundSovereign Wealth FundLatin America
49.SolidiumSovereign Wealth FundEurope
50.SWFI Not CertifiedPula FundSovereign Wealth FundAfrica
51.China-Africa Development FundSovereign Wealth FundAsia
52.Oman Investment FundSovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
53.Colombia Savings and Stabilization FundSovereign Wealth FundLatin America
54.Alabama Trust FundSovereign Wealth FundNorth America
55.SFPI-FPIMSovereign Wealth FundEurope
56.Utah SITFOSovereign Wealth FundNorth America
57.SWFI Not CertifiedFundo Soberano de AngolaSovereign Wealth FundAfrica
58.Idaho Endowment Fund Investment BoardSovereign Wealth FundNorth America
59.Nigeria Sovereign Investment AuthoritySovereign Wealth FundAfrica
60.Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations S.A.Sovereign Wealth FundEurope
61.Louisiana Education Quality Trust FundSovereign Wealth FundNorth America
62.Fondo de Ahorro de PanamaSovereign Wealth FundLatin America
63.Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment TrustSovereign Wealth FundNorth America
64.Fund for Productive Industrial RevolutionSovereign Wealth FundLatin America
65.Fondo Mexicano del PetroleoSovereign Wealth FundLatin America
66.Senegal FONSISSovereign Wealth FundAfrica
67.Western Australian Future FundSovereign Wealth FundAustralia and Pacific
68.Development Fund for IraqSovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
69.Palestine Investment FundSovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
70.Colorado Public School Fund Investment BoardSovereign Wealth FundNorth America
71.Sharjah Asset ManagementSovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
72.SWFI Not CertifiedKiribati Revenue Equalization Reserve FundSovereign Wealth FundAustralia and Pacific
73.Ghana Heritage FundSovereign Wealth FundAfrica
74.Native Hawaiian Trust FundSovereign Wealth FundNorth America
75.Ghana Stabilisation FundSovereign Wealth FundAfrica
76.Luxembourg Intergenerational Sovereign Fund Sovereign Wealth FundEurope
77.Agaciro Development FundSovereign Wealth FundAfrica
78.Equatorial Guinea Fund for Future GenerationsSovereign Wealth FundAfrica
79.Tuvalu Trust FundSovereign Wealth FundAustralia and Pacific
80.Sovereign Fund of the Gabonese RepublicSovereign Wealth FundAfrica
81.Petroleum Investment Fund UgandaSovereign Wealth FundAfrica
82.National Investment CorporationSovereign Wealth FundAsia
83.National Fund for Hydrocarbon ReservesSovereign Wealth FundAfrica
84.Iran Oil Stabilization FundSovereign Wealth FundMiddle East
85.Ontario First Nations Sovereign WealthSovereign Wealth FundNorth America
86.Bhutan Economic Stabilization FundSovereign Wealth FundAsia

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