Top 100 Largest Public Pension Rankings by Total Assets

Rankings by Total Assets

RankProfileTotal AssetsTypeRegion
1.SWFI CertifiedSocial Security Trust Funds$2,925,789,929,177Public PensionNorth America
2.Government Pension Investment Fund Japan$1,435,820,000,000Public PensionAsia
3.SWFI CertifiedMilitary Retirement Fund$813,555,764,000Public PensionNorth America
4.Federal Employees Retirement System$687,000,000,000Public PensionNorth America
5.National Pension Service of Korea$593,192,000,000Public PensionAsia
6.Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board$572,370,000,000Public PensionNorth America
7.Zenkyoren$523,463,576,000Public PensionAsia
8.Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP$476,000,000,000Public PensionEurope
9.Canada Pension Plan Investment Board$385,634,000,000Public PensionNorth America
10.SWFI CertifiedCalifornia Public Employees Retirement System$370,300,000,000Public PensionNorth America
11.Central Provident FundPublic PensionAsia
12.PGGMPublic PensionEurope
13.Civil Service Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
14.Caisse de depot et placement du QuebecPublic PensionNorth America
15.California State Teachers Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
16.SamPensionPublic PensionEurope
17.Caisse des DepotsPublic PensionEurope
18.Florida State Board of AdministrationPublic PensionNorth America
19.Malaysia Employees Provident FundPublic PensionAsia
20.New York State Common Retirement FundPublic PensionNorth America
21.ChikyorenPublic PensionAsia
22.SWFI CertifiedOntario Teachers Pension PlanPublic PensionNorth America
23.New York City Retirement SystemsPublic PensionNorth America
24.Public Investment CorporationPublic PensionAfrica
25.Teacher Retirement System of TexasPublic PensionNorth America
26.ATPPublic PensionEurope
27.SWFI CertifiedPSP InvestmentsPublic PensionNorth America
28.Healthcare of Ontario Pension PlanPublic PensionNorth America
29.Employees Provident Fund Organization of IndiaPublic PensionAsia
30.Washington State Investment BoardPublic PensionNorth America
31.New York State Teachers Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
32.North Carolina Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
33.British Columbia Investment Management CorporationPublic PensionNorth America
34.General Organization for Social InsurancePublic PensionMiddle East
35.State of Wisconsin Investment BoardPublic PensionNorth America
36.Regents of the University of CaliforniaPublic PensionNorth America
37.Japan Pension Fund AssociationPublic PensionAsia
38.ShichousonrenPublic PensionAsia
39.Ohio Public Employees Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
40.PFA Holding A/SPublic PensionEurope
41.Danica PensionPublic PensionEurope
42.Virginia Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
43.Caixa de Previdencia dos Funcionarios do Banco do BrasilPublic PensionLatin America
44.Bayerische VersorgungskammerPublic PensionEurope
45.Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
46.Minnesota State Board of InvestmentPublic PensionNorth America
47.Japan Smaller Enterprise Retirement Allowance Mutual AidPublic PensionAsia
48.State Teachers Retirement System of OhioPublic PensionNorth America
49.Kommunal LandspensjonskassePublic PensionEurope
50.New Jersey Division of InvestmentPublic PensionNorth America
51.Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management BoardPublic PensionNorth America
52.Hong Kong Mandatory Provident FundPublic PensionAsia
53.Oregon Public Employees Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
54.Public Institution for Social SecurityPublic PensionMiddle East
55.Agirc-ArrcoPublic PensionEurope
56.KokkyorenPublic PensionAsia
57.UN Investment Management DivisionPublic PensionNorth America
58.Teachers Retirement System of the State of IllinoisPublic PensionNorth America
59.KevaPublic PensionEurope
60.Pennsylvania State Employees Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
61.Los Angeles County Employees Retirement AssociationPublic PensionNorth America
62.Tennessee Consolidated Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
63.Maryland State Retirement and Pension SystemPublic PensionNorth America
64.Pennsylvania Public School Employees Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
65.AP7Public PensionEurope
66.Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance CompanyPublic PensionEurope
67.Public Pension Agency, Saudi ArabiaPublic PensionMiddle East
68.Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust FundsPublic PensionNorth America
69.AmitimPublic PensionMiddle East
70.Colorado Public Employees Retirement AssociationPublic PensionNorth America
71.Indiana Public Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
72.AP4Public PensionEurope
73.Social Security Office of ThailandPublic PensionAsia
74.Illinois Municipal Retirement FundPublic PensionNorth America
75.Swiss Federal Pension Fund PUBLICAPublic PensionEurope
76.AP2Public PensionEurope
77.AP3Public PensionEurope
78.Public Employees Retirement System of NevadaPublic PensionNorth America
79.PensionDanmarkPublic PensionEurope
80.Swiss Federal Social Security FundsPublic PensionEurope
81.Fonds de Reserve Pour Les RetraitesPublic PensionEurope
82.AP1Public PensionEurope
83.Arizona State Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
84.Shigaku KyosaiPublic PensionAsia
85.Kumpulan Wang PersaraanPublic PensionAsia
86.Iowa Public Employees Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
87.South Carolina Retirement SystemsPublic PensionNorth America
88.Alaska Retirement Management BoardPublic PensionNorth America
89.Kirchliche Zusatzversorgungskasse des VDDPublic PensionEurope
90.Greater Manchester Pension FundPublic PensionEurope
91.Korean Teachers Credit UnionPublic PensionAsia
92.Texas County & District Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
93.Ohio Bureau of Workers CompensationPublic PensionNorth America
94.Strathclyde Pension FundPublic PensionEurope
95.Elo Mutual Pension Insurance CompanyPublic PensionEurope
96.Alberta Local Authorities Pension Plan CorporationPublic PensionNorth America
97.Texas Municipal Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
98.FolketrygdfondetPublic PensionEurope
99.Coal Pension Trustees Services LimitedPublic PensionEurope
100.National Railroad Retirement Investment TrustPublic PensionNorth America

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