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SWFI Data Feeds & REST API
Integrate SWFI data into your own system
Streamline your data consumption
Custom reporting and formatting in and can remove your labor intensive data entry and eliminate manual data downloads.

Using the SWFI REST API you can make dynamic web service requests to get up to the minute information on tens of thousands of data points.

Whether you're working with the standard API, or need custom data structures, SWFI has you covered.

Customizations are a breeze

No system is the same, and SWFI understands that. In little to no time, SWFI can match your custom data structures to make data consumption easier for you and developers.

SWFI's cloud based CSV/JSON data delivery infrastructure is flexible, robust, and highly scalable.

With an integration, you can have data updated at whatever frequency and volume makes sense for you (ie: daily, weekly, monthly, even real-time).

Get the data you want

With hundreds of data points available across institutional investor contacts, profiles, AUM, flow data, rankings, asset allocation, transactions, and RFPs, you can choose to get the data you want, when you want it.