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The Sovereign Wealth Quarterly is the most trusted publication covering sovereign wealth funds, pensions, endowments, and other long-term institutional investors.

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July 2020 Research Quarterly

Released on 07/2020

April 2020 Research Quarterly

Released on 03/2020

January 2020 Research Quarterly

Released on 12/2019

October 2019 Research Quarterly

Released on 10/2019

July 2019 Research Quarterly

Released on 07/2019

April 2019 Research Quarterly

Released on 03/2019

January 2019 Research Quarterly

Released on 01/2019

October Research Quarterly

Released on 10/2018

July Research Quarterly

Released on 07/2018

Sovereign Wealth Quarterly - April 2018 issue

Released on 04/2018

Sovereign Wealth Quarterly - January 2018 issue

Released on 12/2017

Sovereign Wealth Quarterly

Released on 10/2017

Most issues cover topics such as:

  • Asset Management
  • External Managers
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Tactics and Strategies

Content Calendar

Content CalendarAdvetorial & Other Due DateAd Material DueBonus Distribution
2019 Q4

  • Factor-based Investing
  • Hedge Funds
  • Fixed Income Strategies and Private Credit
  • Regional Focus: U.S.
12/15/201912/17/2019IF Summit Europe 2020
IF Summit Americas 2020
2020 Q1

  • Regional Focus: Australia
  • Smart Beta
  • Listed REITs and Infrastructure
  • Chasing Alpha
3/15/20203/16/2020IF Summit Asia 2020
2020 Q2

  • Will the Asian Century Come True?
  • Asset Allocation
  • Global Infrastructure
  • Uncorrelated Strategies
2020 Q3

Current Status on Global Trade
Distressed Opportunities
9/15/20209/17/2020Middle East*

All dates and themes are subject to change without notice.

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