Top 13 Public Pension Managers by Managed AUM

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Rankings by Total Managed AUM

RankProfileManaged AUMTypeRegion
1.Investment Management Corporation of Ontario$73,300,000,000Public PensionNorth America
2.Kokkyoren$71,000,000,000Public PensionAsia
3.Border to Coast Pensions Partnership$50,291,347,000Public PensionEurope
4.Shichousonren$47,257,355,689Public PensionAsia
5.ACCESS$44,747,496,360Public PensionEurope
6.LGPS Central$32,606,376,000Public PensionEurope
7.Wales Pension Partnership$28,604,730,000Public PensionEurope
8.Public Institution for Social Security$28,000,000,000Public PensionMiddle East
9.Instituto de Gestao de Fundos de Capitalizacao da Seguranca Social$26,249,032,000Public PensionEurope
10.Kentucky Public Employees' Deferred Compensation$3,700,000,000Public PensionNorth America
11.Regents of the University of CaliforniaPublic PensionNorth America
12.Lexington Contributory Retirement SystemPublic PensionNorth America
13.Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management BoardPublic PensionNorth America

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