Top 70 Largest Corporate Pension Rankings by Total Assets

Rankings by Total Assets

RankProfileTotal AssetsTypeRegion
1.IBM Retirement Funds$85,000,000,000Corporate PensionNorth America
2.BT Pension Scheme$66,167,000,000Corporate PensionEurope
3.General Motors Employee Benefit Plan$62,600,000,000Corporate PensionNorth America
4.Royal Bank of Scotland Group Pension Fund$55,688,700,000Corporate PensionEurope
5.Verizon Investment Management Corporation$51,436,483,483Corporate PensionNorth America
6.UPS Investments Group$42,000,000,000Corporate PensionNorth America
7.Boeing Company Employment Retirement Plans Master Trust$36,904,510,146Corporate PensionNorth America
8.Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company$35,160,000,000Corporate PensionNorth America
9.ExxonMobil Investment Management, Inc.$34,000,000,000Corporate PensionNorth America
10.3M Investment Management Corporation$33,832,000,000Corporate PensionNorth America
11.Saudi Aramco Investment Management CompanyCorporate PensionMiddle East
12.Fundação Petrobras de Seguridade SocialCorporate PensionLatin America
13.Raytheon Master Pension TrustCorporate PensionNorth America
14.MIO PartnersCorporate PensionNorth America
15.Blue Sky GroupCorporate PensionEurope
16.AG2R La Mondiale RetraiteCorporate PensionEurope
17.FedEx Employees Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America
18.BIMCOR IncCorporate PensionNorth America
19.Pension Funds NovartisCorporate PensionEurope
20.Delta Air Lines Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America
21.Rio Tinto Pension Investments LimitedCorporate PensionEurope
22.British Airways Pensions Investment Management LtdCorporate PensionEurope
23.Chevron Retirement PlanCorporate PensionNorth America
24.Stichting Pensioenfonds XeroxCorporate PensionEurope
25.Union Mutualiste RetraiteCorporate PensionEurope
26.Bank of Ireland PensionCorporate PensionEurope
27.Fundação Vale do Rio Doce de Seguridade Social ValiaCorporate PensionLatin America
28.AIB Pension PlansCorporate PensionEurope
29.Statoil PensjonCorporate PensionEurope
30.Kingfisher PensionsCorporate PensionEurope
31.Fundação Itaú UnibancoCorporate PensionLatin America
32.Pensions Caixa 30Corporate PensionEurope
33.AstraZeneca Defined Benefit Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America
34.Coca-Cola Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America
35.BanesprevCorporate PensionLatin America
36.Eircom PensionersCorporate PensionEurope
37.Textron Master Retirement PlanCorporate PensionNorth America
38.Stichting Pensioenfonds TNOCorporate PensionEurope
39.Eastman Kodak Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America
40.Sasol Pension FundCorporate PensionAfrica
41.Major League Baseball Players Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America
42.Reuters Pension FundCorporate PensionEurope
43.Telkom Retirement FundCorporate PensionAfrica
44.AA Pension SchemeCorporate PensionEurope
45.Standard Bank Group Retirement FundCorporate PensionAfrica
46.ABSA Pension FundCorporate PensionAfrica
47.Norsk Hydros PensjonskasseCorporate PensionEurope
48.Hess Corporation Employees Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America
49.Pensioenfonds KBC OFPCorporate PensionEurope
50.Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc Master Pension TrustCorporate PensionNorth America
51.TXU Retirement PlanCorporate PensionNorth America
52.Veska PensionskasseCorporate PensionEurope
53.Graphic Packaging Holding Co.Corporate PensionNorth America
54.De Beers Pension FundCorporate PensionAfrica
55.Ahold USA Inc Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America
56.Fundação BanrisulCorporate PensionLatin America
57.SECOM Pension FundCorporate PensionAsia
58.Assurant Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America
59.Debswana Pension FundCorporate PensionAfrica
60.Norske Shell PensjonskasseCorporate PensionEurope
61.Fondo Pensione Dirigenti Gruppo EniCorporate PensionEurope
62.Denel Pension FundCorporate PensionAfrica
63.Pemex Pension FundsCorporate PensionLatin America
64.ITT Corporation Retirement Savings Plan for Salaried EmployeesCorporate PensionNorth America
65.Masakhane Provident FundCorporate PensionAfrica
66.Northern Ireland Water Ltd Pension SchemeCorporate PensionEurope
67.21st Century Fox America Retirement PlanCorporate PensionNorth America
68.PrevemeCorporate PensionLatin America
69.Sony Music Entertainment Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America
70.Horse Racing Ireland and Subsidiaries Defined Benefit Pension SchemeCorporate PensionEurope

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