Top 16 Largest Government Fund Rankings by Total Assets

Rankings by Total Assets

RankProfileTotal AssetsTypeRegion
1.Cassa Depositi e Prestiti$502,544,000,000Government FundEurope
2.Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation$99,546,000,000Government FundNorth America
3.U.S. Exchange Stabilization Fund$93,700,056,085Government FundNorth America
4.Crown Property Bureau$53,000,000,000Government FundAsia
5.Silk Road Fund$40,000,000,000Government FundAsia
6.Nuclear Waste Disposal Fund$26,957,600,000Government FundEurope
7.Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development$17,202,500,000Government FundMiddle East
8.1MDB$15,756,100,000Government FundAsia
9.Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation$7,384,945,000Government FundMiddle East
10.California High-Speed Rail Authority$2,039,533,719Government FundNorth America
11.Arab Investment CompanyGovernment FundMiddle East
12.Oman Petroleum Reserve FundGovernment FundMiddle East
13.Saminvest ABGovernment FundEurope
14.Investment Fund for Developing CountriesGovernment FundEurope
15.Oman Technology FundGovernment FundMiddle East
16.Al Raffd FundGovernment FundMiddle East

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