Top 19 Largest Safety Pension Rankings by Total Assets

Rankings by Total Assets

RankProfileTotal AssetsTypeRegion
1.Los Angeles Fire and Police Pensions$18,440,200,000Safety PensionNorth America
2.Botswana Public Officers Pensions Fund$4,902,100,000Safety PensionAfrica
3.Fire and Police Pension Association of Colorado$4,412,353,613Safety PensionNorth America
4.Houston Firefighters Relief and Retirement Fund$4,260,637,407Safety PensionNorth America
5.San Antonio Fire & Police Pension Fund$3,286,795,000Safety PensionNorth America
6.Oklahoma Firefighters Pension and Retirement System$2,594,738,556Safety PensionNorth America
7.Jacksonville Police & Fire Pension Fund$2,100,000,000Safety PensionNorth America
8.Police Mutual Aid Association of South Korea$2,059,600,000Safety PensionAsia
9.Miami City Fire and Police Retirement Trust$1,865,320,000Safety PensionNorth America
10.Omaha Police and Fire Retirement System$739,000,000Safety PensionNorth America
11.Alexandria Firefighters & Police Officers Pension PlanSafety PensionNorth America
12.Sarasota Police Officers Pension FundSafety PensionNorth America
13.Palm Bay Police & Firefighters Pension PlanSafety PensionNorth America
14.Davie Police Pension PlanSafety PensionNorth America
15.Corpus Christi Firefighters Retirement SystemSafety PensionNorth America
16.Laredo Firefighters Retirement SystemSafety PensionNorth America
17.Pasadena Fire and Police Retirement SystemSafety PensionNorth America
18.Lauderhill Firefighters Retirement SystemSafety PensionNorth America
19.San Angelo Firemens Relief and Retirement FundSafety PensionNorth America

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