Litecoin: On The Move Again?

Posted on 11/10/2023

Litecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. It is an open-source project. Litecoin was actually an early altcoin, founded in October 2011. Litecoin shares a slightly modified Bitcoin codebase. Litecoin has caught a bid at US$ 73, up about US$ 10 from recent lows. Litecoin was trading for nearly US$ 350 in May of 2021. Litecoin had an echo boom in November of 2021 to US$ 257. Litecoin is abbreviated as LTC.

Litecoin is currently accepted at companies that provide VPN services, online gaming, crypto platforms and others. However, it is not as widely accepted as major cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin at this time unless using a Bitpay card, which converts Litecoin to cash.

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