Amazon Warehouse Data Collection Deemed “Intrusive”

Posted on 01/25/2024

France says Amazon’s monitoring of employees is “intrusive” and the country fined the retailer and web services provider €32 million. Operator Amazon France Logistique was said to be recording data from worker scanners. The Commission Nationale de L’informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) levied the fine. CNIL says employees had to account for breaks, which Amazon denied, and further alleged that there were no less than three surveillance systems operating. Working too quickly or taking long breaks were some of the activities that may trigger an alarm. Having too many alarms could impact employment.

Amazon refuted the allegations in a statement: “We strongly disagree with the CNIL’s conclusions which are factually incorrect and we reserve the right to file an appeal. Warehouse management systems are industry standard and are necessary.”

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