China Investment International (Hong Kong) Co., Limited On Course to Be Fully Functioning

Posted on 11/03/2011

According to a press release, “China Investment Corporation (CIC) has completed a set of preparatory work to put China Investment International (Hong Kong) Co., Limited (hereafter referred as “CIC International (Hong Kong)”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CIC, on course to be a fully functioning institution with senior managers appointed.

CIC International (Hong Kong) will take a market-based approach under the principle of measured progress and professional commitment, in accordance with well-defined investment and risk management strategies guided by its clear mandate.

The primary business of CIC International (Hong Kong) covers equity investment and bond investment on the public market, non public market investment and economic research.

Mr. Fan Kungsheng is appointed as President of CIC International (Hong Kong).”

Source: China Investment Corporation Press Release