RDIF Helps UFC Russia Expand

Posted on 04/25/2019

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) has embarked on a new project with several of its portfolio companies. The deal includes the Russian Fitness Group, which runs the country’s largest chain of fitness centers under the brand, World Class. UFC Russia, a joint venture of the RDIF and the U.S.-based UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, will cooperate with the Russian Fitness Group to create its own line of branded gyms. In less than a decade, 150 of the mixed martial arts facilities have already sprung up. UFC’s Fight Night, hosted in St. Petersburg, was the venue selected to share the news. The Russian Fitness Group, which will manage the clubs, is planning on opening dozens of the new gyms, and keeping the fees low for ordinary patrons.

Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the RDIF, sees opportunity in the growing demand for mixed martial arts within the country: “We are pleased to support the development of the Russian Fitness Group and UFC in Russia and expect significant synergies with our portfolio company, UFC Russia. RDIF has formed an investment ecosystem that brings together not only the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, but also more than 70 leading Russian companies across various sectors. This enables RDIF to find new opportunities for the development of portfolio companies and act as a catalyst for promising projects, as well as creating synergies based on such collaboration. The project will also help create facilities for physical exercise and mass sports for all population groups.”