Maduell’s Experience at SALT Conference 2019

Posted on 05/16/2019

by Michael Maduell

This was my second SALT experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and was happy to make some meaningful connections. Held at the illustrious Bellagio hotel, SALT has a reputation for bringing on highly-influential and respected captains of both industry and government. From seeing the former Attorney General Jeff Sessions down a corridor, to seeing Mark Cuban blaze around, to seeing the co-founder of Tinder, it was an event with much diversity. Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s chief advisor, was also present at the event. The quality of speakers from SALT 2019, were just as good, if not better, than the previous Skybridge event that I attended. What was also nice is that you got to see Anthony Scaramucci at the event – he was ever-present and available for talks and interviews.

The shared experiences from asset management CEOs, tech company titans, and leading political figures, were well worth the wait and provided some of-the-cuff moments. There were new constituents at SALT this year, three notable groups included private equity firms, blockchain startups, and real estate companies focused on opportunity zones. In a sense, SALT is becoming less than a purely hedge fund conference to a more diversified pool of delegates.

For institutional allocators, SALT is a great event for market intelligence and meaningful networking.

The views in this article are expressed by Michael Maduell.
Michael Maduell is President of the SWFI.