Launching: Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute – Consensus Demand Meter Q2 Y 2009 (June)

Posted on 09/28/2009

The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute – Consensus Demand Meter is an innovative indicator to track what sovereign wealth funds are demanding in the next three quarters from that relative start date. For Q2 Y2009 (End of June 2009) going forward three months, this Demand Meter indicates how select asset allocations, sectors, and investment strategies rank.

A score of 10, indicates that this area is attractive for the majority or large portion of SWFs. A score of 1, means that SWFs will most likely try to lower exposure from that sector, allocation or strategy. There are many diverse types of sovereign wealth funds with differing objectives, priorities, and goals. This is purely a consensus indicator derived from our Institute’s research and analysis. Not all strategies, asset allocations, and sectors are included in this indicator.

    Our data is gathered through various sources:

    – Internal sources
    – Public announcements
    – Executive investment professionals
    – Market & economic research