Queensland 2011 Flood Victims Win Landmark Case Over Handling of Dams

Posted on 12/03/2019

In a long and complex case in which the trial started in December 2017, the Supreme Court of New South Wales ruled that the Queensland government and dam operators were negligent in managing the deluge during the January 2011 severe flood in Brisbane and Ipswich, Australia. The court found that the damage became worse as a result. The case is related to the operation of the Wivenhoe and Somerset dams in January 2011. Insurance Australia Group funded the lawsuit through IMF Bentham Limited. Pursuant to that arrangement, IMF Bentham has a right to 57.5% of the funding commission. IMF Bentham estimates it will make up to A$130 million from the case. IMF Bentham is a litigation funding company providing funding to plaintiffs, law firms and corporations for legal disputes.

The court found that the claim for negligence, brought by the class representative, against each of the State of Queensland, Queensland Bulk Water Supply Authority trading as Seqwater and Sunwater Limited, was proven.

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