Market Cycles: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Posted on 12/14/2019

This article is sponsored by MFS Investment Management.

Research paper is by Robert M. Almeida, Jr., Portfolio Manager and Global Investment Strategist at MFS Investment Management.


In brief

  • Market cycles are unique but often share familiar outlines.
  • Supply and demand imbalances are hallmarks of the beginning and end of cycles.
  • Today’s imbalances are less obvious than those of prior cycles, but they are increasingly evident.
  • When the temperature drops below freezing and there’s enough moisture in the air, tiny ice crystals collide with one another to form snowflakes. As it falls to earth, each flake follows its own trajectory, passing through different weather conditions, causing its form to be unique.

    Like snowflakes, no two financial market cycles are identical. However, as with the formation of snowflakes, market cycles follow familiar patterns. Cycles all begin and end with investment supply and demand imbalances.

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