China’s One-Belt, One-Road Nearly Clocks $13 Billion in Non-Financial Investments in 2019 for B&R Countries

Posted on 01/14/2020

China’s Ministry of Commerce reported that China’s non-financial investment in countries in the One-Belt, One-Road (B&R) path reached US$ 12.78 billion in the first 11 months of 2019. In addition, countries in the B&R regions have invested US$ 7.02 billion and formed 4,964 enterprises in China, according to the Chinese government.

In the 2010s, as China’s economy has matured, growth in fixed investment has leveled. B&R is the creation of Chinese President Xi Jinping. B&R has two core components, an economic land belt and a maritime road.

One of the biggest B&R projects so far is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which connects Kashgar in Xinjiang province with the Port of Gwadar in Pakistan. B&R investments and construction contracts are worth nearly US$ 40 billion that have been made in Pakistan. Furthermore, a clear majority of B&R investment is geared toward energy and transport infrastructure. Chinese banks, as well as the policy banks such China Development Bank (CDB) and the Export-Import Bank of China, have been providing loans for various projects in the B&R plan.

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