Ability, Personality and Motivation Must be Considered in Investment Manager Selection

Posted on 02/14/2020

This content is by Stamford Associates.

Every decision maker, at some point in time, has made a serious selection error: sadly, divorce statistics attest to such a decision-making phenomenon. Few would therefore dispute the idea of putting serious effort (time and money) into strategies to improve selection outcomes. In the context of financial planning, this is most easily conceptualised as selecting the best person to advise on and manage investment decisions. One way to do this is to choose Investment Managers (IMs) who exhibit abilities, motivation, and personality characteristics that enable them to consistently achieve superior outcomes for their clients, in however their clients define “success”.

Ability, Personality and Motivation must be considered in Investment Manager selection.
Adrian Furnham, Elaine Tyler & Steve Braudo – Stamford Associates London