Learn More About COVID-19 PANDEMIC EMERGENCY Mobile Medical Units

Posted on 05/13/2020

Introducing the Elavo Mobile Medical Unit – a state of the art modular and advanced response vehicle. Able to rapidly deploy as needed, this mobile platform is ideal to handle evolving and changing medical circumstances.

Mobile Medical Units are plug and play, ready to deploy as needed to those experiencing higher medical demands due to COVID-19 or other emergency needs.

Key features of the Elavo ‘COVID-19’ Mobile Medical Unit
Ready to rapidly deploy, 12 bed capacity, plug and play unit Two day emergency standalone capacity
Sanitization spray/washdown at entrance Tier 4 diesel generator
HEPA filtered climate controlled clinic environment Fresh/gray water tanks with 2 day capacity
Proprietary germ-free entrance/exit flow design Built with antibacterial hospital-grade aseptic materials
Sterile negative pressure clinic conditions Optional turnkey service
Separated nurses’ station Restroom facility and shower
Patient triage area Can be deployed within 2-4 hours upon arrival at destination

An immediate and effective response to the current pandemic and future crises.

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