BlackRock’s Official Institutions Group Saw Rise in AUM for 2019 versus 6-year Low in 2018

Posted on 07/18/2020

BlackRock Inc, like State Street Corporation and Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, has an official institutions group, which caters to sovereign wealth funds, finance ministries, central banks, future generation funds, and multi-lateral institutions.

Period MARKET – Sovereign Wealth Fund Assets Under Management BlackRock Official Institutions – Assets Under Management in U.S. Dollars BlackRock Percent of Long-Term Institutional AUM Notes
Dec 2019 7,631,083,914,257 234,400,000,000 6%  
Dec 2018 7,769,345,740,987 166,600,000,000 5%  
Dec 2017 7,560,246,839,478 195,300,000,000 6%  
Dec 2016 6,830,189,811,748 181,900,000,000 6% Outflows from official institutions clients of $14.6 billion were primarily from index mandates, linked to clients’ asset allocation, re-balancing and cash needs.
Dec 2015 6,671,437,196,269 185,000,000,000 7%  
Dec 2014 6,473,653,784,638 228,800,000,000 8%  
Dec 2013 6,017,263,546,863 221,500,000,000 8% This specialty client group grew with long-term net new business of $22.7 billion for the year, primarily into passive equity mandates.

Notes: SWFI Data extracted from July 17, 2020. BlackRock Annual Reports. BlackRock group for official institutions, including central banks, sovereign wealth funds, supranationals, multilateral entities and government ministries and agencies at year-end. These clients often require specialized investment advice, the use of customized benchmarks and training support.

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