Temasek Holdings Reveals the Impact of COVID-19 on its Portfolio

Posted on 07/21/2020

Singapore’s Temasek Holdings is revealing some updated financials, which have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Based on unaudited figures, Temasek had a 1-year total shareholder return of -2.3% for the year ended March 31, 2020. Temasek ended the fiscal year in a net cash position. Temasek reports its performance in two ways: portfolio performance and financial performance. Temasek has a net portfolio value of S$ 306 billion as at March 31, 2020. SWFI reports total assets of Temasek, which includes debt.

Dilhan Pillay, Chief Executive Officer of Temasek International, commented in the press release, “Rising geopolitical and trade tensions, as a result of increasing nationalism and protectionism, will create more uncertainties for long term investors and asset owners. These uncertainties are now exacerbated by the immediate, as well as longer term, impact of COVID-19. However, we may see investors sharpen their focus in some areas, like digitalisation and healthcare.

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