Tesla Files Lawsuit Against Rival Rivian for Allegedly Stealing Trade Secrets, Poaching Employees

Posted on 07/23/2020

Tesla, Inc. filed a lawsuit against Rivian, an electric-vehicle startup. Tesla accuses Rivian of stealing trade secrets and poaching employees. “Rivian is knowingly encouraging the misappropriation of Tesla’s trade secret, confidential, and proprietary information by Tesla employees that Rivian hires,” Tesla said in a lawsuit.

The lawsuit calls out four former Tesla employees – Tami Pascale, Kim Wong, Jessica Siron, and Carrington Bradley, for allegedly stealing confidential information. Rivian employs approximately 2,300 people, of which 178 of those were former Tesla workers.

Tesla is a company with a market capitalization approaching US$ 300 billion – US$ 286 billion as of today.

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