Peru Fiscal Stabilization Fund to be Tapped for COVID-19 Relief

Posted on 09/02/2020

On April 30, 2020, the Peruvian government authorized the use of Peru Fiscal Stabilization Fund for COVID-19 efforts.

In the order, it paraphrases in English, “Article 4. Use of resources from the Fiscal Stabilization Fund

4.1. The use of the resources of the Fiscal Stabilization Fund, regulated in article 17 of Legislative Decree No. 1276, Legislative Decree that approves the Framework of Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency of the Non-Financial Public Sector, is authorized, in an exceptional manner, up to the amount that has accumulated at the end of the first quarter of 2020; informing the Board of the Fiscal Stabilization Fund.

4.2. The resources of the Fiscal Stabilization Fund are transferred to the Public Treasury accounts called “COVID-19 2020″ progressively, in accordance with the instructions issued for this purpose by the General Directorate of the Public Treasury of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.”

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