China Investment Corporation Overseas Portfolio Regains for FY 2019

Posted on 09/25/2020

The China Investment Corporation (CIC) released its fiscal year 2019 report. For that year, CIC’s incremental non-public market commitments totaled US$ 17.25 billion. CIC also standardized processes for selecting, appointing, and assessing external fund managers. CIC also revamped for an optimal mix of external managers and sub-portfolios, and actively sought additional sources of excess return in their public market investments. In 2019, CIC’s overseas investments posted a net annual return of 17.41%.

CIC has three subsidiaries, CIC International Co., Ltd. (CIC International), CIC Capital Corporation (CIC Capital), and Central Huijin Investment Ltd. (Central Huijin). CIC regards private equity funds as an important asset class. CIC also invests with private credit funds and private real estate funds.

In 2019, CIC established a macro factor sub-strategy under the multi-asset risk allocation strategy and appointed managers.

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