World Health Organization and Trump Administration Take Similar Stance Now on COVID-19 Lockdowns

Posted on 10/18/2020

In a unique plot twist, the World Health Organization (WHO) has taken a new position that lockdowns from COVID-19 should be a “very, very last resort.” The World Health Organization’s position is and the Trump administration’s position on COVID-19 are similar. The WHO has taken the stance that any national lockdowns must consider direct risks and “collateral damage” associated with the pandemic, such as the mental health impact and domestic violence.

“A proportional and targeted response is the way forward. Measures or tightening up in many countries in Europe … are appropriate and necessary responses to what the data is telling us,” Dr. Hans Kluge, WHO’s regional director for Europe, said October 15, 2020.

“It is never too late (to tighten measures) but of course, definitely, we are concerned. In general, this is the time to step up the restrictive measures … with lockdowns as a very, very last resort. We know much better than in March what can, and needs, to be done.”

“We gotta remember I said it right at the beginning. The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. Can’t. The cure cannot be worse,” U.S. President Trump, who tested positive for COVID-19, told his supporters in the State of Florida.

The United States remains divided on lockdown measures; however, more people seem to be opting for openings.

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