FDA Approves Gilead’s Remdesivir as Coronavirus Treatment

Posted on 10/22/2020

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Gilead Sciences’ antiviral drug remdesivir, an intravenous drug, as a treatment for the coronavirus (COVID-19). In May 2020, the FDA granted remdesivir an emergency use authorization, allowing hospitals and doctors to use it on patients hospitalized with the disease even though the medication had not been formally approved by the agency. Remdesivir has helped shorten the recovery time of some hospitalized Covid-19 patients. This drug was used to treat U.S. President Donald Trump. Trump has tested negative before his final debate against former Vice President Joe Biden.

Gilead Sciences announced the drug will be used for COVID-19 patients at least 12 years old and requiring hospitalization. Remdesivir is approved or authorized for temporary use as a Covid-19 treatment in approximately 50 countries worldwide, according to Gilead Sciences.

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