Mubadala Releases 2020 Financial Results

Posted on 05/06/2021

Mubadala Investment Company released its 2020 financial results for the Group. In 2020, Mubadala achieved a Total Comprehensive Income attributable to the owner of AED 72 billion for the year, compared to AED 53 billion in 2019. It is the largest TCI in Mubadala’s history, driven by significant growth in Mubadala’s public equities portfolio and funds, as well as the company’s assets across various sectors.

Mubadala also announced a five-year portfolio return of 9.8%, dating to 2016.

According to the press release, “The performance was also attributable to Mubadala’s multi-year strategy to increase investments in sectors with growth ‘tailwinds,’ such as technology, life sciences, and consumer goods, through direct investments and partnerships with leading fund managers. Major investments in 2020 reinforced that strategy, including long-term agreements with Silver Lake in technology; in life sciences with PCI Pharma in the U.S.; and in consumer goods and telecommunications with the Reliance Group of India. Other significant investments included new commitments and deployments with Apax Partners, Citadel, iSquared Capital and CVC.”

For Mubadala, the United Arab Emirates and the United States remain the largest geographic areas for the portfolio. In addition to its new capital deployment in India, Mubadala also invested through its sovereign investment partnerships in France, China, and Russia in 2020. At year-end, Mubadala’s AUM across the group stood at AED 894 billion compared to AED 853 billion in 2019.


Key financial and operational highlights from 2020 included:

Total Comprehensive Income (TCI) attributable to the Owner in 2020 was AED 72 billion (AED 53 billion in 2019)

Assets under Management (AUM) in 2020 reached AED 894 billion (AED 853 billion in 2019)

34% of Mubadala’s portfolio is comprised of direct and indirect investments in private equity, with 29% in public markets and 14% in real estate and infrastructure, among others
In 2020, Mubadala realized AED 104 billion in monetization of mature assets and distributions from investments locally and abroad, including AED 16.7 billion through the sale of a 39% stake in Borealis to OMV, its largest-ever single monetization

In 2020, Mubadala invested AED 108 billion of capital, including:
– AED 4.3 billion in Jio, a leading Indian telecom company
– AED 2.7 billion in Silver Lake, a leading global technology investor
– AED 3.0 billion in Reliance Retail, one of India’s fastest growing consumer companies
– AED 2.2 billion in PCI Pharma, a leading global pharma services supplier
– AED 7.5 billion through partnerships with CVC, Citadel, iSquared Capital and Apax Partners


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